The Weekly Snacks #30

This week, I wanted to clear the archives of some recent links and start off the new year fresh. Below we have some of the best links from some of the topics I have been trying to learn lately.

First up, we have a way you might be able to use Container Queries with a polyfill. Then a terminal app that has autocomplete. It is helpful if you are like me and never remember certain commands.

And finally how to hook up Cloudflare Workers with the Fauna DB.

Container Query

A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works | CSS-Tricks
There is an easy-to-use CSS container query polyfill now. You essentially conditionally load it and forget about it. Then write spec-compliant container queries code.

Virtual DOM

Introduction – Million
<1kb virtual DOM - it’s fast!

New Terminal

Autocomplete for your terminal.

Airtable / Webhooks Automations

How to use Airtable Webhooks (w/ Webflow + Memberstack + Stripe)
In today’s video, we are going to be having a play around with incoming webhooks by Airtable Automations. Using Airtable Webhooks is a powerful way to automa...


Learn How to Build True Edge Apps With Cloudflare Workers and Fauna | CSS-Tricks
There is a lot of buzz around apps running on the edge instead of on a centralized server in web development. Running your app on the edge allows your code to
Cloudash - serverless monitoring. Simplified.
Introducing Cloudash, a brand new way of monitoring your serverless app performance, invocations, errors and more.

Web Workers

Introducing Partytown 🎉: Run Third-Party Scripts From a Web Worker
A fun location for your third-party scripts to hang out Performance is always top of mind for any...

Github Links

GitHub - ngryman/reading-time: Medium’s like reading time estimation.
:books: Medium’s like reading time estimation. Contribute to ngryman/reading-time development by creating an account on GitHub.
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