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This article has a great tip for working with Safaris different browser UIs.

Using Bottom Tab Bars on Safari iOS 15 | Samuel Kraft
How to safely design and develop web tab bars on Safari 15


We have been trying to learn content-visbility and get more comfortable about all of the different use cases and it bought us to this css tricks article from last year.

More on content-visibility
Back in August 2020, when the content-visiblity property in CSS trickled its way into Chrome browsers, Una Kravets and Vladimir Levin wrote about it and


You can now work on Shopify themes in the browser. StackBlitz will let you work on your Hydrogen apps. For in browser tools StackBlitz is slowing becoming

Shopify partners with StackBlitz to bring Hydrogen development in-browser
Today we’re excited to announce our latest partner with StackBlitz WebContainers — **Shopify**!

Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals rollout has added a lot of terms and new things that we have to account for and worry about.

Web Performance Metrics Cheatsheet
I recently gave a talk on “Making Sense of Performance Metrics” at the Web Unleashed Conference, and it was suggested that I turn the breakdown of all the performance metrics into a cheatsheet; so here it is! The full cheatsheet, including a downloadable PDF version, are at the bottom of
John Siwicki

John Siwicki