The Weekly Snack Links #31

We are back again this week with the best links that we have found across the web.

First up, we have a walkthrough of running an A/B Testing system leveraging Cloudflare Workers. I love Workers and learning new ways to use it and leverage it.

Performant A/B Testing with Cloudflare Workers — Philip Walton
I think there’s a perception in our industry that A/B testing is super complicated and you really need a tool or service to do it right. And while I’m sure some aspects of A/B are quite complex

Core Web Vitals

CSS Wizardry has one of the better explainer of Largest Contetful Paint(LCP). The examples and the stats that are pulled helped me make a few tweaks to my sites to help get a few scores up.

Optimising Largest Contentful Paint – CSS Wizardry
Let’s look at some more technical and non-obvious aspects of optimising Largest Contentful Paint explains Priority Hints. It is another way to tell the browser how important certain content is. Now, you can do something like this fetchpriority='high'

Optimizing resource loading with Priority Hints
Priority hints indicate the relative priority of resources to the browser. They can enable optimal loading and improve Core Web Vitals.

These next two articles are just great recaps and reminders of some of the things you can do with HTML/JS. They are nice refresher pieces.

HTML semantics
Today’s article is an excerpt from a new course and book on Accessible Components with vanilla JS that I’m working on. It’s not for sale yet, but will be part of the complete set and expert bundle when it’s released.The HTML elements that you use often convey information to people who use screen re…
Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years
JavaScript has come a long way since I knew it as the “D” in DHTML. For anyone like me, who’s been reluctant to use the latest syntax that could require polyfills or a transpiler, I’ve written this cheatsheet to get you caught up on all the goodness that’s widely supported in modern browsers.
John Siwicki

John Siwicki