Jun 26 • 9M

This Week's AI Snack: Stable Diffusion XL

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John Siwicki
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  1. Stable Diffusion 0.9: A significant release from Stability AI. The new model has impressive demo images, including an alien walking through Las Vegas and a wolf in Yosemite National Park. Notably, the model has made significant improvements in rendering hands and faces.

  2. ClipDrop.co: A toolset from Stability AI where you can experiment with the 0.9 model. Examples include a lion with wings, a lighter cake, and a farmer cat in a garden.

  3. Image Generation: Discussion of various generated images, including a scene inside a glass bottle and a hand holding a heart.

  4. Adobe Express: Similar to Canva, Adobe Express is a straightforward, templated design tool. It now incorporates Adobe Firefly, allowing users to generate images directly into their workflow.

  5. Color GPT: A simple tool for generating color palettes based on user prompts.

  6. Scribble Diffusion: A fun program that turns sketches into images.