Apr 24 • 7M

This Week In AI: Bard And Dilemmas

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John Siwicki
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In this episode, we dive into some fascinating discoveries, intriguing discussions, and thought-provoking dilemmas surrounding the world of artificial intelligence and the digital future. We start by discussing the latest substantial update to Google's Bard AI, which now boasts impressive coding capabilities and seamless integration with Google Collab and Google Sheets.

Next, we contemplate an insightful tweet by Marie Haynes, an SEO expert, that speculates the possibility of a radical shift in how businesses are found online due to Google's new AI search engine. We ponder the implications of AI interacting with businesses on our behalf and how that could change our experiences.

Finally, we recommend a thought-provoking talk from the Center for Humane Technology by Tristan Harris, who explores the potential catastrophic risks that AI poses to society, the race to deploy AI without adequate safety measures, and the need to upgrade our institutions for a post-AI world. We emphasize the importance of examining the pros and cons of AI and exploring different perspectives on this transformative technology.