Jul 18 • 10M

Insights into OpenAI, Shopify's AI Leap, and Claude

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John Siwicki
Our podcast where we go deep on the current topics
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Welcome to another episode where we dive deep into the exciting world of artificial intelligence. Here's what we cover in this episode:

  1. OpenAI-AP Collaboration: We discuss the new agreement between OpenAI and the Associated Press to share select news content and technology. OpenAI will have access to part of AP's text archive to refine its model, and this collaboration could possibly mark the start of a new era in news services.

  2. Claude 2 Update: Anthropic recently launched Claude 2, a significant update from its predecessor. We explore the features of this AI model and its user-friendly interface, accessible now at claude.ai. We also delve into its performance and its newly-introduced file upload feature.

  3. Shopify's Sidekick: Shopify is set to release a new feature - a co-pilot named Sidekick, aimed at aiding users in setting up their Shopify account. We touch upon its features and potential impact on e-commerce business owners.

  4. Poe.com Update: Poe.com has introduced some significant updates, including file uploading across all their offerings and even processing URLs to enhance user experience. We also discuss their two new OpenAI models with larger context windows and the introduction of their Mac app.

  5. Google's SoundStorm: We explore Google's newly-published research paper 'SoundStorm', on audio generation and what it could possibly mean for the future of AI.

  6. Other Updates: We discuss some quick updates about Bard, another AI tool, and the link to a separate video covering its updates in more detail.

Links to all topics covered, as well as some related resources, are included in the podcast description. We encourage listeners to check them out for a deeper understanding of each subject.

Thank you for joining us in this episode. We appreciate your interest and look forward to bringing you more updates from the fascinating world of AI!




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