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Bard Updates, Plugin Discoveries, and AudioPen

Bard Updates, Plugin Discoveries, and AudioPen

Welcome back to another exciting installment with me, John Siwicki. This week, we have an eclectic mix of fascinating things that caught our attention. Let's dive straight in!

First up, we have some intriguing updates from Bard. A couple of days ago, Bard started incorporating location information into their searches, promising a leap towards more localized search results. However, it's important to note that Bard still labels this feature as an experiment.

In a test search, we asked Bard to find a place for an oil change - a standard request, right? The first results interestingly pointed us to Colorado, despite our location being elsewhere. Clearly, Bard's location feature has some kinks to iron out, but the potential here is undeniable. The local search results, complemented by added images about oil changes, show promising strides. We eagerly await future improvements to Bard's location-based services.

Next, we'll shift gears and explore the ChatGPT plugin. Early on, many of these plugins felt somewhat nebulous, with unclear functions. However, a recent discovery caught our eye: the 'Show Me' plugin. This fantastic tool shows you how certain files work. For instance, it vividly demonstrated how a CSS file operates within a web browser. An added bonus? You can edit the diagrams it generates, providing hands-on learning!

Another exciting development is the recent addition of a search feature to the ChatGPT plugin store. Now, finding plugins like 'Show Me' is easier than ever. This proves immensely helpful for your charting needs.

Moving on, we discuss the impressive work by, a site run by Cora. It provides a unique platform for testing various language models, even those typically challenging to access. One such feature is the 'Mid Journey Bot,' which assists you in writing more engaging mid-journey prompts.

Here's an example: we entered a prompt about a house in Miami after a storm, with a child in a raincoat in the foreground. The bot expanded upon this simple scene, weaving a detailed and evocative narrative. The depth it added to the original prompt was truly remarkable, hinting at the immense creative potential of such tools.

Lastly, we're excited to introduce you to an intriguing app discovered on Twitter: Audio This innovative platform offers an easy way to convert your spoken thoughts into structured text. Record your ideas into the app, and it organizes them into a clear and coherent flow. We found this tool especially helpful for managing voice notes.

That's it for this week! We'll continue to explore these promising developments and share our findings with you. We hope you found these insights as exciting as we did, particularly the potential of Audio Pen. Remember, we'll include all relevant links in the show notes.

See you all next week. Thank you for joining us!


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