May 1 • 4M

AI Updates Roundup: Boston Dynamics Integrates ChatGPT and ChatGPT Rolls Out New Settings and Features

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John Siwicki
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  1. Boston Dynamics and ChatGPT Integration: Boston Dynamics has integrated ChatGPT into its robots. There's a two-minute video showing their team interacting with a ChatGPT-integrated robot that is definitely worth watching.

  2. ChatGPT Updates: ChatGPT has released new settings. You can now export your data and turn off data collection in the settings. There are also some visual changes they've made. Furthermore, updates have been rolled out to their plugins, including the browsing plugin that now works with ChatGPT-4.

  3. AI Learning Resources:

    • OpenAI and Deep Learning Prompt Engineering Course: This course provides insights into prompt engineering. It's a quick study and is recommended even for those not intending to write code to interact with the API.

    • Microsoft's AI for Beginners: This robust document can be found on Microsoft's GitHub page. It covers topics such as neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing. It is suitable for those who want to delve into the technical aspects of AI.


Boston Dynamics ChatGPT

OpenAI and Deep Learning Prompt Engineering Course

Microsoft's AI for Beginners