Jul 10 • 11M

AI Updates: Chatbot PI, GPT API, and Public.com's Co-pilot

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John Siwicki
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  1. Chatbot PI's New Update - The chatbot PI has released a new update for their iOS app where users can now speak to it. The bot will talk back, allowing for more interactive conversations. The update also includes six different voice options. However, the feature has not been tested yet due to hardware limitations. [Timestamp: Start - 5:00]

  2. GPT API Release - The long-awaited GPT API is now available for everyone to start experimenting with. The API doesn't seem to have any drastic price cuts, but it's expected that more people will start integrating it into their workflows and apps. [Timestamp: 5:01 - 10:00]

  3. OpenAI's Super Alignment Team - OpenAI has announced the creation of a super alignment team. The team will be dedicated to steering AI systems that are much smarter than humans. They aim to build AI aligners that can do a better job than human alignment teams. OpenAI is dedicating 20% of their compute to this effort. [Timestamp: 10:01 - 15:00]

  4. Public.com's New Co-pilot - Public.com, an investment app, is building a co-pilot into their trading app. The co-pilot will be able to provide customized insights relevant to your portfolio and your goals. The feature will be rolled out in three phases, with the first phase already available. [Timestamp: 15:01 - End]

  • Try out PI's new iOS update and share your experience in the comments.

  • Check out the GPT API and explore its potential applications.

  • Follow OpenAI's super alignment team's progress and understand their efforts.

  • Test Public.com's new co-pilot feature and see how it can help with your investments.

Closing Remarks In this episode, we looked at PI's new iOS update, the rollout of the GPT API, OpenAI's super alignment team, and Public.com's new co-pilot feature. Stay tuned for more updates in the world of AI. See you next time!