May 21 • 5M

AI Snack: GPT iOS App, Google's Music LM and Replicate's Image Playground"

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John Siwicki
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Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the show. I'm John Siwicki, and I appreciate you joining us on our weekly AI roundup. Today, we're going to explore three intriguing developments. A few of these are quite entertaining as well.

Let's begin with something recent: the release of the Chat GPT iOS app. It's the first version, and an Android version is not available yet. The app has a few interesting features. It integrates with the Whisper API, which ensures excellent text-to-speech capabilities. Additionally, if you're a Plus subscriber, you can use GPT-4 on it, which is an impressive feature.

Currently, we're hoping for an Android app soon. I'm curious to see if a well-crafted mobile app will influence user habits and possibly spark new use cases. I've used the web app on my mobile device; it got the job done, albeit not smoothly.

Therefore, it will be fascinating to observe how a well-designed mobile app changes user behavior. Will people start using it more frequently? Will they opt for it over Siri or Google Assistant? The next few weeks will certainly provide some insights, especially if the app evolves and introduces new features.

Moving on to the second topic: Google's new AI test kitchen. One of their projects is Music LM, which enables text to audio conversion. I tried one demo, inputting "80s synth music that I can listen to on a run after a breakup." I think it's a fascinating tool, especially for those who aren't musically talented. I've been experimenting with it all weekend, and I recommend getting on the waitlist if you can.

Lastly, we'll discuss a text-image playground by Replicate called Zoo dot replicate dev. It lets you experiment with different text-image combinations. For listeners, I used a comic panel of "Ocean Waves Pickle Solar" by Salvador Dali and compared the results by different models. It's enjoyable to experiment with, especially if you're using varied images in your project.

That's all for this week's roundup. We'll include all the links in the show notes. Thank you for spending your time with us today. We'll be back soon. Until then, take care, everyone.