May 30 • 7M

AI Snack: Generative Fill

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John Siwicki
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We kick things off by dissecting Microsoft's latest innovation, Windows Co-Pilot. We delve into its range of functionalities, such as interacting with system settings, summarizing PDFs, and initiating Spotify playlists. Listen in as we shed light on its potential capabilities and anticipated impact on user experience.

Then, we turn our attention to Adobe's newest beta update for Photoshop - the Generative Fill. Accompany us through a detailed walkthrough of this revolutionary feature, which utilizes text-based commands to modify images. We contemplate its potential to transform the landscape of graphic editing.

Wrapping up the episode, we discuss a novel feature in ChatGPT, enabling users to share chat links. We explore how this unique innovation may alter our engagement with this AI chatbot, potentially introducing a fresh dimension of sharing and interaction.