Jun 20 • 5M

AI Snack: Function Calling

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John Siwicki
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OpenAI API Updates

  • Notable reduction in the cost of some models:

    • 75% cost reduction on embeddings

    • 25% cost reduction for input tokens for GPT 3.5 Turbo

  • Function Calling Upgrade for GPT3 and GPT3.5:

    • This new feature allows conversion of natural language queries into API calls or database queries.

    • Examples include converting queries like "Email someone to see if she wants to get coffee on Friday" to function calls such as "send an email."

    • It can even convert database queries like "What are my top 10 customers this month?" into API calls like "get customers by revenue."

    • More complex examples involve using this feature to answer questions or pull specific data.

  • Excitement for the new bigger context windows which would allow for new applications.

OpenAI API Updates

Facebook and Meta's New Generative AI Model

  • Facebook and Meta have developed a generative AI model for speech with state-of-the-art performance.

  • This model seems to be a major advancement in voice generation.

  • Check out the linked 2-minute video for an overview of this new technology.

Facebook and Meta's New Generative AI Model

AI Speech Classifier from Eleven Labs

  • A tool that allows users to upload a 60-second audio file to detect if the speech was AI-generated.

  • Discussion on the potential benefits of these types of classifiers, particularly in the early stages of AI development and use.

  • Speculation about future tools for detection of AI-generated content, including potential metadata requirements for certain photos.

AI Speech Classifier from Eleven Labs