Jul 24 • 10M

AI News: Llama 2, Qualcomm's Next Move, & Apple's Rumored GPT Rival

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John Siwicki
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In this episode, host John Swicki takes a deep dive into the current state of AI, discussing newly released open-source models, on-device applications, and possible future developments from major tech companies.

Highlights of this episode include:

  1. Llama 2's Arrival: John kicks off the episode by reviewing Facebook Meta's recently open-sourced AI model, Llama 2. Discussing its complexity, sizes (7 billion, 13 billion, and 70 billion parameters), and potential for both research and commercial use, John predicts interesting developments as more developers gain access to this tool.

  2. Qualcomm's Ambition: Next, the focus shifts to Qualcomm's plan to run Llama 2 on devices. John explores the potential for increased personalization, better security, and the avoidance of cloud infrastructure reliance.

  3. OpenAI's ChatGPT Custom Instructions: Then, John breaks down OpenAI's new feature - 'Custom Instructions' for ChatGPT. This enhancement allows users to provide ChatGPT with personalized information for improved response quality, changing the way we interact with AI.

  4. Apple's AI Potential: To conclude the episode, John speculates about Apple's rumored AI project, internally referred to as Apple GPT. How might this affect Siri and Apple's privacy-centric approach? Stay tuned to find out.

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