Aug 7 • 11M

AI News: ChatGPT's New Features, Google's Enhanced Search & Meta's AudioCraft

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John Siwicki
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In this episode, John Siwicki dives into the latest updates from the AI world. He starts with six new features rolling out for ChatGPT, including prompt examples, suggested replies, and the default use of ChatGPT-4 for Plus subscribers. He also discusses the new ability to upload multiple files for the code interpreter and the introduction of keyboard shortcuts.

John then moves on to Google's AI-powered search experience, which has received three significant updates: the inclusion of more videos and images in search results, increased speed, and the addition of cited sources and links. He also touches on Perplexity AI's new file upload feature and how it can quickly summarize PDFs.

Finally, he explores Meta's AudioCraft, a tool for sound generation, and its impressive examples. From sirens to the sound of typing on a typewriter, AudioCraft is pushing the boundaries of AI-generated audio.

Tune in for a comprehensive look at these updates and how they're shaping the AI landscape.