Jul 31 • 9M

AI News: AWS HealthScribe, Llama, and the Open Web

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John Siwicki
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Welcome back to another episode with your host, John Swicki. This week, we're diving into some exciting new releases from AWS, learning how to train a llama for your own purposes, and exploring a few other intriguing topics.

AWS's new release, HealthScribe, is our first point of discussion. This innovative tool automatically generates clinical notes from patient and clinical conversations, enhancing clinical productivity with AI-generated notes that are easy to reference, edit, and finalize.

We delve into the implications of HealthScribe, discussing its potential impact on medical workflows and patient consultations.

Next up, we found a fascinating blog post detailing how to fine-tune your own LlamaTube model, Facebook's open-source project.

We walk through the Python-heavy tutorial, discussing how you can use this model for your own purposes.

We then turn our attention to LangChain, a tool designed to assist developers in building applications they previously could not.

We discuss the potential of LangChain, highlighting its ability to combine different sources of computation and knowledge.

Finally, we discuss a thought-provoking blog post titled "AI and the Decline of the Open Web." We explore the implications of login walls, the transformation from forums to private groups, and the rise of walled gardens.

We delve into the potential fragmentation of data and the open web, considering the future of the advertisement model and the increasing value of data sets.

Links: https://aws.amazon.com/healthscribe/ https://mlabonne.github.io/blog/posts/Fine_Tune_Your_Own_Llama_2_Model_in_a_Colab_Notebook.html https://blog.langchain.dev/automating-web-research/ https://tanay.substack.com/p/ai-and-the-decline-of-the-open-web