How To Get Started with Etherum Dev

This week we wanted to take a deep look on how get into Crypto and and Etherum Development. There are a lot of layers to making an blockchain app but below we have included two great guides to get you started. Also, we linked to a poper JS API that you can use in your tinkering apps as well.  

Some things that you are going to have to learn are Solidity but there are tools that can help you  like Hardhat.

How to Get Into Ethereum | Crypto | Web3 as a Developer
I have been talking about my move into the Web3 / Ethereum / crypto space since making the switch from a traditional web, mobile, and…
The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development
Building Full Stack dApps with React, Ethers.js, and Hardhat
GitHub - ChainSafe/web3.js: Ethereum JavaScript API
Ethereum JavaScript API. Contribute to ChainSafe/web3.js development by creating an account on GitHub.

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