Github Lists and Core Web Vitals Review

This is a release that I am excited about. I have so many starred repositories on Github and I have no good way to sort them out. Github now lets make lists for your stared repositories. This is a rather small release but I think will help find packages and useful stuff much quicker.

Lists are now available as a public beta | GitHub Changelog
Lists level up the starring experience by making it easy to organize and curate your favorite repositories on GitHub. You can create public lists that appear on your stars page at Lists are available to

Responsive Images

It is still so important to sort out your image workflow and your process. If you don't have an automated solution. This s a good refresher.

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Images: How to Get Them Right in 2022
A guide with live demos showing you how to incorporate responsive images into your websites and apps today, along with some tools to help.

Core Web Vitals

Google is going to roll out the Core Web Vitals desktop update early this year. It was a big push at the end of the year last year for mobile. Now, it's time to check out your metrics for desktop and get ready for that becoming a new ranking factor.

Everything You Have to Know About Core Web Vitals | Calibre
Understand what Core Web Vitals are and why you should be tracking them.
John Siwicki

John Siwicki