Why Does Everyone Hate Web Components?

Web Components, I feel just never get talked about enough. I think now that support for them is in much better shape it is something that I think more and more people can reach for. This week we link over to some good explainers and walk-throughs.

Awesome Standalone (Web Components)
In his last An Event Apart talk, Dave made a point that it’s really only just about right now that Web Components are becoming a practical choice for
How to Create Reusable Web Components with Lit and Vue | Dan Valinotti
How lit is it, really?


Miriam Eric Suzanne » Container Queries Explainer & Proposal
A path forward, with single-axis containment


Profitable SEO Tools and Insights Report
What will you receive?- A live database of 80+ hand-curated profitable SEO tools.- An insights report about these profitable productivity tools.Report summary- Why should you create an SEO tool?- Popular Categories- Business Models- Database Insights- Who uses SEO tools- What types of SEO tools are …
Google: No Need to Worry About Using JavaScript
Google says, from an SEO perspective, there’s no need to worry about using JavaScript when building websites.

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John Siwicki

John Siwicki