Using Cloudflare To Track Core Web Vitals

Cloudflare recently added a new feature to their DNS settings. You can now track Google's new Core Web Vitals metrics. So in CloudFlare, if you go into the speed tab and click on the configuration section, you can turn this on. The feature is opt-in. It allows you to track the new metrics Largest Contentful paint, First input delay in cumulative layout shift.

What you get is a list of the pages that fail in the past week. This allows you to target your optimizations.  So the nice thing about this is since it's not on the cloud for a level, it just happens as people access your content. So you don't have to keep running lighthouse tests or find ways to automate these metrics.

It is a very simple way to get some data without having to manually run performance audits. And if you're using Cloudflare, why not turn this on? As we get ready for the May 2021 page experience update from Google.

Learn more about Coldflares offering.

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John Siwicki

John Siwicki