Stack Snacks - Issue #4

Web Performance

When should you be using Web Workers? —
You should always use Web Workers. And in our current landscape of frameworks it’s virtually impossible.
Site-Speed Topography – CSS Wizardry
Learning the lay of the land

Dev Tools

Devbook - Search Engine for Developers
Become a more productive developer by using Devbook in your day-to-day work. Free search engine made just for developers. Stop leaving your IDE and context-switching to a browser.


Frontend Masters has a new course “Intro to Databases” if you are looking to start learning or building a full-stack app this is a great resource.

Learn Databases in the Complete Intro to Databases course! Increase your full-stack developer skills by learning four of the most popular open-source types of databases.
In this course you’ll learn the basics of using four of the most popular open-source types of databases: document based database MongoDB, relational database PostgreSQL, graph database Neo4j, and key-value store Redis.

Github Repos We Starred This Week

Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API - microsoft/playwright
λ 🖼️ Chromda is an AWS Lambda function for capturing screenshots of websites. - luisfarzati/chromda

John Siwicki

John Siwicki