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1 LOC - Favorite JavaScript utilities in single line of code
Favorite JavaScript utilities in single line of code
Back to Basics: Event Delegation | Christian Heilmann
Deploying a Serverless Jamstack Site with RedwoodJS, Fauna, and Vercel
This article is for anyone interested in the emerging ecosystem of tools and technologies related to Jamstack and serverless. We’re going to use Fauna’s
ECMAScript 2020: the final feature set
Fundamental white label web component features for your design system. - ing-bank/lion – Demonstate and observe slow-loading resources
Build an Authenticated JAMstack App with Next.js, Airtable, Tailwind CSS, and Auth0
Next.js makes building Full-stack applications in the JAMstack much easier, but there’s still a few pieces to figure out. Where are you going to store data? How are you handling authentication? Well, here’s how we are going to put it all together. N...


UX Writing Over Coffee: UX writers talk about their writing workflow
A new series: We talk with leading writers over coffee about their workflow and the challenges they face at work over a cup of coffee


Static Websites — Collected Notes
The simplest, and most powerful note-taking blogging platform.
John Siwicki

John Siwicki