Serverless Reading List

This is an experiment we have been trying to capture some of our favorite articles and resources for a given topic.

Below are a few resources on working with serverless functions and applications.  The first is working with the service Vercel to host your functions. The next one is looking at FaunaDB for authentication strategies and then finally how to use Netlify Identity in your app.

Serverless functions with Vercel - madewithlove
In this article I’ll walk you through the steps to create serverless functions with Vercel. These functions will provide you with a place to add server side logic like verifying captcha’s, sending emails or liking posts that you can use in your static sites.
Announcing wrangler dev — the Edge on localhost
A few weeks ago we announced a release candidate for wrangler dev — today, we’re excited to take wrangler dev, the world’s first edge-based development environment, to GA with the release of wrangler 1.11.
Implementing serverless passwordless login with FaunaDB
In this tutorial we’ll cover: Why serverless is a good choice for SaaS products Which database to c...
How to handle authentication with serverless functions - DavidWells/serverless-auth-strategies
John Siwicki

John Siwicki