Using Notion For SEO Audits

A Notion SEO Template

Notion has been one of those tools that I signed up for a long time ago, and I didn't know what to do with it. It was almost to much work to set up, and I was already in tool overload. I didn't know how this would fit into my life.

Notion does have a lot of power, and the power comes in making your own custom workflows and systems for you and your team.

I like working with Notion because the sharing options are great, and it's easy to see who can see and have some great level of controls as well.

I found Notion to become my all in the workspace for notes & project management and a personal wiki.

Notion can be extremely overwhelming to start using because you really get to build and design the system that you want. If you never used Notion before, this is a great walkthrough of the services and the best place to start. Watch the intro video over here

Tracking Audits In Notion

Notion allows you to make customizable tables. These tables are just spreadsheets and database that allows you to customize almost anything. When I am auditing a site, there are a lot of variables and a lot of questions that might come up.

What is the reason why I am auditing the site? Rankings problems? Conversion problems? Those answers might want me to bring up certain tactics. Then, of course, have the library of all of this data in one place is worth it. Being able to search and see what we did one month ago or even six months ago is worth having all of that knowledge in a table.

Below is a quick overview of the template.

If you want to try it out and copy it into your Notion, sign up to subscript and this

John Siwicki

John Siwicki