Netlify Build Plugins!

Today, Netlify has released their Build Plugins platform out of beta today. Plugins, allow you to extend and give Netlify more power. You can build your own plugins or install some from the community. There is even now a UI in the Netlify dashboard that gives you a way to install them that way or you can install them with a file based install as well. All of the details can be found on the Netlify docs to start to start installing today.

In early testing, I tried using a few plugins to see what would happen and the process. Here are a few plugins that are available today.

  • Checklinks - A great plugin that will check for broken links and mix content warnings
  • Cypress - Run tests after Netlify builds your site. A great way to get test into your build process
  • Sitemap - Generate a Sitemap after your build for easy submission to Google Search Console

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