List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS


CSS Variables or Custom Properties have been around for a bit. This walk-through shows a ton of different ways you can start working with them and how to work them into our web apps now.

A Complete Guide to Custom Properties
Everything important and useful to know about CSS Custom Properties. Like that they are often referred to as “CSS Variables” but that’s not their real name.

This one is fun to go through if you have been writing CSS for awhile.

Incomplete List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS [CSS Working Group Wiki]

Self Hosted Tools

I have never been one to ever want to self host a tool or some important data. But, Notea has a setup that is interesting you can host your files on S3 and host it on Netlify.

Notea - Self-hosted note-taking app stored on S3
Self-hosted note-taking app stored on S3.


Building a Database Driven Eleventy Site
Using a database (MySQL) to drive content for an Eleventy site

Tiny Helpful Things

You Can Label a JavaScript `if` Statement
Labels are a feature that have existed since the creation of JavaScript. They aren’t new! I don’t think all that many people know about them and I’d even
John Siwicki

John Siwicki