Intro To Bing Webmaster Tools

We walk through a few of the key features of the new Bing Webmaster Tools.

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Hey everybody. So I wanted to walk through Bing Webmaster tools. So recently, we did a big kind of revamp and there's a lot of interesting little tools and little things you can kind of play with. so I figured we'd go through this quickly and I'll show you some highlights.
So your dashboard is not going to be anything you're unfamiliar with. If you've used Google Search Console. Here is this SEO report section and what this does, is it kind of flags, any potential kind of things you should fix? Any types of things that they deem errors?

Definitely. nice to have kind of this on-demand list of, of kind of improvements. So that's kind of a neat little thing. And if we go to search performance again, nothing. You know, nothing different than you'd see in search console, but you get things that are working for you and bang and your own spectra tool.

And that gives you any details. If you want a specific URL from your property, Salesforce is kind of cool. You can kind of get, what's been indexed, what's not been indexed. And then you kind of get, You know how big the document and when it was discovered when it was the last crop, by being again, kind of neat different kind of look at what's going out there, submit your site map again, straightforward.

This is interesting. Cause on a bang, you can kind of, they have the submission API and you can submit your house straight into the bank. the bank index, My, my say here gets 10 a day. so if you put a new piece of content up that you want to get crawled, you know, backlinks change like media.

My, my property here is pretty new. So I mean like, you know, this, you could see what are some trends keyword wise on being, again, not a lot of volume, but interesting to kind of play with this is that SEO reports that we saw on our dashboard. And this is kind of cool as well. I do a deep crawl on, an, a site scan.
This gives you, you know, it's kind of like a, like a light version of screaming frog, or any type of just gives you some, some kind of, kind of like a good starting point for your technical yeah. SEO. And it's a great place if you want a free tool. so, Great kind of, you know, place a star, it gives you a couple of different things than search console.

It's a nice thing to kind of package in, with your toolset. they've made a lot of improvements, so it's worth adding to your site. It's kind of easy. They make it so simple. Now you can import something Google Search Console, so why not do it gives you a different look at the data and gives you some automated reports?

So definitely a cool little thing and worth it. Keeping an eye out. So thank you very much.

John Siwicki

John Siwicki