Core Web Vitals

Google last week released a new metric that determines what is a fast website as well as some other new metrics around layout and responsiveness. Also, what was announced is that these new metrics will become ranking factors in 2021. They are giving site owners a few month head start to get their sites up to speed.

Here are the three new metrics that we need to start studying

  1. LCP: Largest Contentful Paint
  2. FID: First Input Delay
  3. CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift

How To Measure

Google has 6 ways to start tracking these metrics. Yes, 6 different ways

  1. Web Vitals Chrome Extension (Currently Alpha Release)
  2. Chrome UX Report
  3. Search Console Report
  4. Lighthouse
  5. Chrome Dev Tools
  6. PageSpeed Insights

All of these tools are in different stages and show you all the same information but just in slightly different ways. I would recommend staying with PageSpeed Insights right now as it gives you the most detailed report and action items right now.

As we start to learn more about ways to optimize for these items. We will walk through the tactics that have worked for us over the coming weeks.

John Siwicki

John Siwicki