Core Web Vitals Is Here

This week Google announced that the Core Web Vitals update is going through a slow roll out. This update is said to be complete in late August with the first round going live this week.We are going to recap some of the tools that we have found helpful when optimizing sites.

Website Speed Test by Cloudinary
Optimized images improve page load time and user satisfaction. This tool provides measurable and actionable info about how to go beyond simple compression.
CSS for Web Vitals
This article covers CSS-related techniques for optimizing Web Vitals.
Best practices for fonts
Learn about how to optimize web fonts for Core Web Vitals.
Establish network connections early to improve perceived page speed
Learn about rel=preconnect and rel=dns-prefetch resource hints and how to use them.
Let’s Learn About Aspect Ratio In CSS - Ahmad Shadeed
Learn how to use the native CSS aspect-ratio property
A Thorough Analysis of CSS-in-JS
Wondering what’s even more challenging than choosing a JavaScript framework? You guessed it: choosing a CSS-in-JS solution. Why? Because there are more
Creating a serverless function to scrape web pages metadata
Nowadays, most websites provide metadata about their content directly in the HTML markup. This post will show you how to create a Vercel serverless function to scrape this data using Metascraper.
Introducing chrome.scripting - Chrome Developers
The Scripting API is a new Manifest V3 API focused on, well, scripting. Let’s dig into the motivations for this change and how it’s different.
John Siwicki

John Siwicki