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Browser Updates

Firefox 90 shipped some new CSS updates like image-set which, is something that can become really helpful for our

Firefox 90 for developers - Mozilla | MDN
This article provides information about the changes in Firefox 90 that will affect developers. Firefox 90 was released on July 13th, 2021.
Increasing HTTPS adoption
When a browser connects to websites over HTTPS (vs. HTTP), eavesdroppers and attackers on the network can’t intercept or alter the data that...


Building A Dynamic Header With Intersection Observer — Smashing Magazine
In JavaScript, attaching an event listener to constantly fire a callback on scroll can be performance-intensive. But there is a better way with Intersection Observer.
Running a Next.js Site on Cloudflare Pages
Step by step tutorial on how to deploy your website on Cloudflare Pages

Fun Code Projects

Dev Tools

The Web Component DevTools is a chrome extension that allows you to see all of your components and attributes in a tab in your dev tools.

Web Component DevTools
Developer tooling for Web Components and Web Component Libraries

Astro is a new framework for building websites. I have yet to try it but it looks like it has some promising features and worth exploring.

Build faster websites with less client-side JavaScript


The Interaction Design Foundation has a new master class out this week. Their live webinars are always high quality and even if you are not in this space. There are always good takeaways.

UX Writing: How To Use Words As A Design Power Tool
Improve your UX design career with insights & advice straight from the experts. Sign up for an UX Master Class today. Ideal for current and aspiring UX professionals.

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