A New Dev Tools & A Look At Some Design Systems


Developer Decisions For Building Flexible Components — Smashing Magazine
In this article, we’ll walk through the process of taking a seemingly simple design for a text-and-media component and deciding how best to translate it into code, keeping in mind the needs of both users and content authors.

Container Queries are going to be the next way of writing our CSS and flexible components. Ahmad Shadeed blog post is a nice way to start getting ready for them. Support isnt there yet but it will be a thing next year it seems like.

CSS Container Query Units - Ahmad Shadeed
Using units that are relative to the container size

Design Systems

I love look at other Design Systems. It is something that you can pull a lot of inspiration and ideas from. The w3C relased a design system

Welcome to the W3C design system - W3C Design System
Typography for Data
How to Systematize Internal Products: Part 2


imgproxy: fast and secure on-the-fly image processing


The Time Travel Debugger for Web Development
Record play, pause, and inspect your web applications with familiar browser developer tools.


There is no shortage of providers to host your serverless functions. But, a new product from Zoho might be worth a look.

Catalyst Data Store | Storage for Serverless Applications
Catalyst Data Store is a Serverless Relational Database system that stores the data for all your serverless applications on Catalyst.


Bytebase | Open source web-based db schema change for team
Open source, web-based, zero-config, dependency-free database schema change and version control for Developers and DBAs
John Siwicki

John Siwicki